Luke Anderson


Luke Anderson
Oil on Canvas
20 x 20″


Luke Anderson  //  @lukeandersonfineart

Luke is a self-taught oil painter originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming and currently working out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Luke is inspired by the beautiful landscapes and wildlife, the complex histories, and diversity of cultures of the American West. His work combines iconic Western imagery with a modernist-inspired technique to create paintings that transcend time and space. He has shown work at the Wyoming Capitol Governor’s Arts Exhibition, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, and the Coors Western Art Exhibition at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

“My recent series of landscape-focused paintings have mostly been an effort to understand how we simplify and consolidate real-world images and experiences to create memories and impressions of landscapes that are unique to each one of us. I wanted to see how far I could reduce the original landscape and how much information I could omit and still retain a recognizable, impactful representation of each specific landscape. As a result, certain elements become naturally exaggerated as the landscape is simplified, and it is in this process that I dig closer to my own personal “truth” about nature. The resulting paintings often end up looking somewhat artificial, as if I am looking at the world through lenses that make everything look as it was computer animated, which creates a paradox: the closer I seem to come to the “truth” of nature, the more artificial/constructed it becomes.” – Luke Anderson


Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson fine art

Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson paints to rediscover and understand the West, where he was born, raised and now works. His award-winning work is built on themes of human perception, the boundaries and possibilities of human senses, and how memory—both individual and collective—shapes cultural understandings of place.

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