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Ben Congdon is a wildlife and landscape artist from the Texas Hill Country. Starting as an illustrator, he proceeded to work in graphic design for several years before discovering his love of oil painting. Coupled with a fascination for photography, he set out to capture amazing natural scenes through the lens and on the canvas. Recently, Ben has further broadened his creative experience by teaching high school art at Summit Christian Academy. All the while he continues to produce his own original fine art showcasing the magnificent vistas and wildlife of Texas and beyond.


I have always had a fascination with detail and the accurate replication of what I could see in the real world. A long artistic journey has gradually shown me the far greater value in narrative, emotion, and that special moment when we see a painting and feel as if we could step inside the frame. As I continue to strive for improvement in technique, I hope more still to be able to provide the viewer with that tiny glimpse of the vibrant, majestic, and fascinating intricacy that God has woven into creation.

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