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Ioana Villatoro is known for her vibrant paintings that capture the beauty of the high desert. Based in Santa Fe, her work explores the interplay of light and atmosphere in a personal expression of nature’s profundity and its influence on our internal balance and emotional well-being. Learn more »

Ioana Villatoro

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George Irwin, Founding Director

Born of a community of artists and art lovers, Western Gallery’s mission is to bring the absolutely stellar work of the West to the fore of the wider art world, broadening the horizon of western art while connecting art lovers to the land, cultures and heritage of western North America.

We're thrilled to bring both online and in-person programming of the very best of the West to Austin, Texas and the rest of the world. Please join us for an opening, an online-studio visit, check out a show, browse the gift shop, or let me know how else I might be able to help.

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What collectors are saying 🙌

“So so so cool to see our piece in person… I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had a couple minor second thoughts about buying it completely blind, but it’s everything we had hoped for and more, such a beautiful piece!”

– Abby in Utah

“The painting arrived safely and it is a stunner! Thank you again—we always love the work we find through your gallery.”

– Elizabeth in Santa Fe

“Thanks so much for putting out the art you do and supporting artists. Looking forward to more of your shows. Jackson Hole has been popping up in my life all week and it was a sign I had to buy that piece.”

– Adam in Los Angeles

“[The paintings] are all safely unpacked and I love every single one of them! They all made it here with no issues or damage and I really couldn’t be happier. Thanks again.”

– Lynn in Denver

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