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Greg Piazza is a self taught painter and photographer based in Dallas, Texas who began painting after a car accident took his brother’s life in 2004. Emoting on the canvas and through the camera lens, Piazza leapt into the art scene where his work received much attention and interest in his minimalism. His works resemble simple lines and color forms, some based on southwest landscapes and pure form leaving the viewer to interpret.

Displaying his works in both public and private locations and exhibitions, Piazza has earned a notable list of collectors and awards around the globe.


My artwork is inspired by the need to remove complication and to evoke a sense of simplicity and calm. These senses helped me through my brother’s passing, and I keep these with me through my artwork as a life guide. My artworks focuses on subjects lacking human presence or features, e.g., high contrast light and shadow, scenes of abandonment, or themes of social inequality. I view them as an examination of life and death in the abstract. By reducing my subjects down to forms and colors, it allows the viewer to best interpret and relate to the work.

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