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Christy Stallop is an artist living in Austin, Texas. Born and raised in El Paso, her work is greatly influenced by the west. Her subjects range from landscapes to whimsical grackles that border on the absurd. Influenced by design and balance, her work often shifts perspective into unique directions. Christy’s primary focus is creating work that connects with one the most universal emotions, happiness.


Many of my paintings use humor to break the ice with the viewer and to grab their attention. By combining unrelated objects, I create a scene that first appears curious. Upon further reflection, the story becomes clear with the intent to entertain.  The landscapes, however, focus on nostalgia to transport the viewer to a time or place that holds happy memories. I weave these personal and meaningful narratives into my work creating a visual biography. This approach allows the audience to intimately connect through events we’ve all experienced in our lives even if they are not exactly the same.

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