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Kandice Pierce was born and raised in historic Rome, Georgia, and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After relocating to Austin, Texas, in 2010, she continued painting while working as a Hospitality Designer. After a fifteen-year career in Interior Design, she decided to take a chance and pursue her passion, founding Pierce & Paint in 2020 and transitioning to become a full-time artist in 2021. Pierce & Paint is a fine art studio offering original paintings, prints, and workshops. Her first solo was at the end of April 2023 at the Hotel Paisano in a city that has provided her with endless inspiration: Marfa, Texas. Kandice has aspirations to grow her studio and will soon offer retreats around the country and eventually abroad so she can help foster creative growth with other art and travel enthusiasts.

My family is my rock, so my last name is part of the company name. You see, my dad owns an auto body shop called Pierce Paint & Body, so the name of my business, Pierce & Paint, is a throwback to his lifelong business. I’ve inherited his attention to detail and hope I’m still drawing in 35 years! A horseshoe is included in my logo because we played endless games of horseshoes at the lake as a family, where we had no distractions other than ourselves. My grandfather was also a horseshoe champion in his day and holds a special place in my heart. We still play with his horseshoes to this day!


“Whenever I travel, I yearn to experience as much of a place as possible. You’ll find me up before the birds, gazing towards the horizon, searching for each day’s unique sunrise, and later hiking beautiful trails chasing sunsets. In my painting practice, I endeavor to capture the essence of the moment, preserving the memories and emotions it evokes. My dream is to share these paintings with others, to reconnect them with places they have been to, or to inspire them to experience somewhere new. I paint to travel, and I travel to paint. I love the sense of excitement from exploring. It helps me learn, grow, and recharge. Each new adventure holds endless possibilities, which drives my creative practice.

“Oil painting is my first love, but you’ll find me painting with acrylic in Plein air or my watercolor journal for a quick sketch to capture a fleeting moment. My paintings are inspired by this world’s natural beauty that a camera simply can’t capture.” – Kandice Pierce

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