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Chanel Kreuzer is a contemporary artist based in Texas with a disciplined practice of painting every day. A multidisciplinary creator, she focuses on painting vibrant, layered, inviting landscapes in a unique style that draws inspiration from Matisse, Van Gogh and Forrest Moses. Chanel trained at Atelier Dojo and the Austin Fine Arts Academy and continues to study through personal apprenticeships. Her work has been exhibited at the University of Texas Mexican American Cultural Center, Mexic-Arte Museum, Contemporary Show of Houston, and at Western Gallery. Chanel began painting in 2017 and is currently a full-time artist, working out of her home studio.


“I want to convey a sense of hope, joy, calm and happiness in my work that you often feel when in nature.

“Exposure to my mother’s Mexican heritage while living in Texas and memories of my grandmother’s garden instilled in me a deep appreciation for color, landscapes, and florals. Those memories have greatly influenced my work, reminding me no matter what hardships in life we may face there is always beauty in the world to be appreciated. Combining these sources of inspiration, I paint from my imagination, believing that my everyday experiences provide all the images I need in order to create a unique story on canvas. I enjoy painting the energy, and movement of nature with vibrant colors in my compositions and aim to capture the simplicity, and beauty of my natural surroundings with bold, intuitive brushwork. I’m also inspired by traveling, and incorporate remembered imagery from trips taken to convey emotion and build a narrative in my art.”

– Chanel Kreuzer

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