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Born in the Midwest, Carson Bilger moved to Arizona as an adult, where he paints and teaches. His work is inspired by his travels around the state and the western part of the country, with a particular focus on Arizona’s iconic landscapes. In particular, he’s dedicating himself to a lifelong project studying views of the Grand Canyon from as many perspectives as possible. Bilger lives with his wife and daughter in Phoenix, Arizona.


“My paintings investigate color relationships in the landscapes, and how individual shapes of value and light coalesce to create the larger whole. My pieces are delineated into receding sections that create the feel of depth and a sense of magnitude. My aim is evoke the ethereal quality of sublime nature.

“I take a vintage Polaroid 600 camera on my road trips and travels. My intent is to capture iconic western landscapes through a nostalgic filter. The washed out color palette of the Polaroids elicits the feel of fading memories and momentary experiences. I create watercolor studies in my sketchbook of the reference photographs, choosing select compositions to paint larger scale using acrylic on canvas or board.” – Carson Bilger

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