Andrew Barker

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Born in Utah and spending his formative years in Oregon and East Africa, Andrew has always been drawn to the outdoors, the natural world, and the relationship between people and their surrounding environments. Andrew received his BFA in Applied Visual Arts from Oregon State University, spent 2 decades in the design industry, and has been a professional practicing artist for 5 years. He resides in Boulder, CO, and spends as much time as possible in the outdoors and exploring the western states.


Andrew’s subject matter is heavily driven by our current era of climate change, population growth and mass extinction. In effect, he wants to celebrate the natural world through the imagery of natural conflict, death, rebirth, and the shared struggles of survival and existence. Stylistically, Andrew is influenced by mid-century commercial art, tattoo design, the golden age of naturalist illustration, and early 20th-century Japanese printmakers and watercolor artists.

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