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Lucile Wedeking

Lucile Wedeking (b.1981, San Francisco) is a contemporary figurative painter focused on historical ranching subjects and modern life in the rural West. Professionally trained at The Parsons School of Design in New York (BFA 2003), she currently resides outside of Stamford, Texas where she enjoys life ranching Brangus cattle with her family.


Skull Studies – In Rainbows

“I remember seeing Radiohead live in the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence in June of 2000. Except for my friend Lorena and I had no tickets. We had just finished our first year of classical academic training at Parson’s and were traveling around, having a bit of adventure. It was a fluke of fate we ended up there at that moment, and we watched and sang and danced in the street along with other kids who’d also somehow found this lucky little cobblestone alley half a block from the barricade. The lights and acoustics reverberated off the stone walls and sculptures of the renaissance city and led us to ascension. It was magic.

“Naturally, when Western Gallery invited me to be a part of a show based on Radiohead’s concept album, those memories flooded back. The music became a muse and I began playing with color light projection at night in the studio. It was a lot of fun painting these bison skulls as light studies and pushing my understanding of color and form with such a traditional icon of the American West.” – Lucile Wedeking

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