Silas Thompson

Forest Dwellers

Silas Thompson
Oil on Canvas
60 x 36″ | NFS


Silas Thompson  //  @silasthompsonart

Silas Thompson (b. 1990) was raised in Idaho. His passion for drawing and painting was instilled at an early age, fostered by his parents and manifest by the filling of countless sketchbooks and refrigerator magnets. Setting out on annual backpacking trips with his father, he began to treasure the distinct birthmarks and icons of beautiful rivers, valleys, and mountains that carve through the high desert and vast farmlands of the West.   However, it is the distinctly imputed beauty in creation that points him constantly to God for continued inspiration.

After college he continued his education by strengthening his fundamentals and work ethic in painting through five years of apprenticeships. He would be remiss to not to give credit to his beautiful wife and friend, Bianca, from whom he receives his greatest support.

My desire to create work that evokes a memory continues to be my driving force  to be innovative and to look for new ways to create the illusion of solidity, time, and emotion.” – Silas Thompson