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WG loves to collaborate! We’d love to hear your ideas about how we can work together.

Sponsorships are a perfect opportunity to gain exposure, credibility and leads via Western Gallery and our audience without having to initiate a special project. Let’s have a quick conversation to see how a WG Sponsorship can best achieve your organization’s goals.

To discuss Partnership and Sponsorship opportunities, please contact us directly or schedule 15 minutes with George.

Direct Contributions

If you’d like to support Western Gallery with a simple monetary donation please contact us or complete our online Contribution form.

Other Ways to Support

Add to Your Collection
Browse our exhibitions or shop all available works to add to your collection. Or if you’d like assistance, get in touch! We’re happy to help you find the perfect piece.

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We’re mostly a one-person operation, plus a couple of consultants, so there’s always more to do than time allows. Get in touch to chat about ways you can contribute with your time! We’d love to figure out how you can help.

Share with the Press
Getting the right piece of original artwork to the right person isn’t easy. The more eyes that come to Western Gallery, the more matches we’ll make! Write-ups in the press, local, tiny or national are all helpful, and your recommendation is appreciated!

Refer a collector, artist, or professional organization that may be interested in what we’re doing here at WG.

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