Introducing Western Art with George Irwin
An interview with Grayson Mask, covering the founding of Western Gallery, George’s personal story, and upcoming projects.

George Irwin brings western-inspired art around the world through digital gallery
Making connections between artists and art lovers, environmental conservation and a deep love for the West.

Meet George Irwin of Western Gallery
“Western Gallery operates 100% online—we have no physical location. We’re known for our curation and service. Clients and friends often tell me they’ve never seen the work we’re presenting, that they love this work that’s new to them and the gallery as a whole. Those comments are always nice to hear.”

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‘Taos Today’: Holiday virtual exhibit of Taos artists at Western Gallery
“We wanted to find a way to take our artists out into the world.” Sonya Davis, president of the Taos Arts Council reflects on Western Gallery’s online show Taos Today, an updated look at works from a variety of contemporary artists currently working in Taos, NM.

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Shop Taos!
Taos Today, a virtual exhibit by the Taos Arts Council and Western Gallery, features more than 100 works for sale, by 50 contemporary Taos artists. “Every sale matters to artists right now. Online commerce is not what artists do,” Irwin says. “They make art.”

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There’s a Myth to Texas Women
Artists engaged in a panel discussion led by the director of Western Gallery, George Irwin. They talked about the hurdles and triumphs… women have faced in the art industry. How they hope to change the industry for the better with this event. 

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Deep In The Heart Of Texas: Women Artists Shine At Western Gallery’s New Show
What is a Texas Woman? That’s the question Western Gallery, a virtual art gallery, wants you to ponder with their new show, Texas Women.

The exhibition is impressively curated, depicting a wide range of imagery reminiscent of classic western landscapes and iconography that represents the various regions of Texas. Nineteen female artists are participating in the exhibition 

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Women, Art and the West
Western Gallery’s new show “Texas Women” opens Friday with a range of remarkable work by prolific female artists from the Lone Star State. 

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