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Taylor Crisp is a multi-medium artist currently living in Pasadena, CA. Growing up in Northwestern Colorado, she developed an early love and appreciation for the landscapes and themes of the west, which she now tries to capture both cinematically and with oil paint. Her free time is spent obsessing over new art mediums, rockhounding, or exploring the Angeles and Los Padres National Forests.


“With no formal art education, I am still actively learning and exploring how to express my vision of the West through different mediums and styles. My most influential teachers are undoubtedly the great artists of the past – Georgia O’Keeffe, Maynard Dixon, Agnes Pelton, Ray Strong, The Taos Society…the list goes on. I hope to present a contemporary vision of the West that draws on the past while reframing those aspects that have been glossed over by popular culture. As a part of the film industry especially, one of my passions is attempting to find the real West as it existed apart from the simplified, whitewashed version found on the big and small screens.” – Taylor Crisp

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