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Kerri Menchaca started painting in oils as a teenager and her artwork was first exhibited in galleries at age 15. She developed her style in realism under the guidance of Fort Worth artist Dennis Blagg. Kerri graduated with degrees in Art and Art History, and a minor in Geology, from the University of Texas at Austin. Currently, Kerri lives in Fort Worth and works at the Mary Couts Burnett Library at Texas Christian University in their Special Collections Department.


“State and National parks off the backroads in rural Texas are frequently the subject matter of my paintings. I enjoy the vast expanse of a Texas sky, unobstructed by city structures and a sunset given the room it deserves to stretch across the horizon. The beauty is undeniable, but it is the temporary nature of a sky that gives it meaning. It is this experience that I strive to capture in my paintings with colors that are lusciously vibrant and as intense and unforgiving as the land itself. I feel our relationship with the landscape, and with the public parks of Texas, should be cherished and we are fortunate to be stewards of such untamed beauty. I paint on stainless steel because of its smooth texture and reflective property. This muted, mirror-like quality allows the viewer and the room to be reflected in the painting adding an immersive aspect that allows the viewer to share the surface with the painting itself.”

– Kerri Menchaca

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