Rachel Brownlee

Chilly’s Ire

Charcoal on Archival Paper, 6 x 5″


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More about Chilly’s Ire

Blue Chilly Bars was a horse I purchased at age 13 with my own money from ranch work. The horse and I were both green and we both knew it. She and I had a working relationship that lasted four years. She dumped me off countless times and turned around to come back at me when I was on the ground, stranded me miles from the headquarters, broke my back, and bucked her way through a crowded branding pen. We also worked cattle many days of the year, rode hundreds of miles, and learned a lot.
This is Chilly, staring me in the eye at the beginning of another work day, both of us trying to figure out who would win.

Total Dimensions: 15 x 13.5 x 1″


Rachel Brownlee

Rachel Brownlee

Rachel Brownlee is a western artist who lives in and draws the living west. She focuses on high realism charcoal depictions of the people and animals in her life.

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