Alexander Bostic

Choctaw of Mississippi

Alexander Bostic
Oil on Canvas
24 x 30″ | Gallery Wrap


Alexander Bostic  //  @bosticalexander

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Alexander Bostic developed a love for the arts, attending lessons at Pratt Institute on the weekends. Initially interested in comic book characters, he soon began creating his own characters, graduated with BFA in Illustration form Pratt Institute in 1979, and received an MA in Illustration from Syracuse University in 1994. With more than forty years of being an illustrator, Bostic decided to further develop and focus on his personal work as a figurative fine artist.

“I like to take a romantic approach to my art. I like to create paintings that tell a story. I use color and light in my compositions and I paint imaginative environments for my figures. I love to paint figures in a natural, realistic style, using oil as my main medium, but I also use a variety of techniques such as acrylic, colored pencils, watercolor and casein.

I have been living and working in the state of Mississippi for ten years. My craft has guided my love for arts and the human figure, particularly focusing in on everyday people and ordinary life in the state of Mississippi.” – Alexander Bostic