Lida Steves Plummer

Chianti Mountains by Day

Oil on Canvas, 30 x 30″


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More about Chianti Mountains by Day

Inspired by exploring West Texas and the varying species of plants that are sometimes overlooked but hard to miss if they graze your leg! The environment can be unforgiving but there is a magic and a balance that can come over you when you open up, let go, and let in your surroundings. This particular composition is an effort to depict that peacefulness and balance amidst what may seem relentless and challenging.
Total dimensions: 30 x 30 x 1.5″
Gallery Wrap

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Lida Steves Plummer

Lida Steves Plummer

Hailing from San Antonio, Steves spent much of her life between Bexar and Brazoria counties on the beautiful San Bernard River. The juxtaposition of busy city life versus the quiet hum of country living instilled in her a unique perspective of the world, the tension of which is balanced delicately in her work.⁠

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