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Lida was born in San Antonio, Texas and spent much of her waking life between Bexar County and
Brazoria County on the beautiful San Bernard River. The juxtaposition of busy city life versus the quiet hum of country living instilled in her a unique perspective of the natural world. She studied Studio Art at Washington and Lee University in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where she graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in Art History.

After college, Lida found herself living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming painting amongst the Tetons. Inspiration came from the dramatic mountain landscape where the western environment offered a new approach to her work. She now resides in San Antonio, Texas with her family where the hill country and west Texas vistas keep her creative flow ever occupied.


Pliable Perception : Strength in Solitude

The name “Pliable Perception” is about re-evaluating what we appreciate and how we look at the world. This series is about discovering your emotional capabilities wherever you happen to be in your life: Your perception is pliable. These works in particular are about finding strength within yourself, strength in solitude.

The main subject matter is the resilient and steadfast cactus, but it is through color and composition that the subject morphs into the story being told. Each subject is in a world of color and shapes all its own, expressing confidence as well as a sense of balance.

Many of the paintings tend to be personified through their composition. “Tall Girl,” for example, is immediately full of self pride standing tall in a crowd amongst others. Despite standing out she refuses to be shy, she is confident. The colors aid the composition creating a celebration of femininity and self discovery. Each piece is about reflection. The viewer is looking and the reflection is how the image applies to them, that is something the artist cannot decide, but that is how each piece is personified.

That journey that the viewer is engaged in is all a consequence of the colors and chosen detail. That journey is in itself the realization of what pliable perception is all about. Taking it back to being in control of our reality and our perception of reality. These works have become all the more applicable in this time of global isolation where we are all being forced to look within ourselves, finding strength in solitude.

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