Jesse Lee Barrus

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Born and raised in Northern Utah, Jesse Barrus came up in a suburban existence. On the surface he appeared to be a typical youth, but beneath was a horse obsessed cowboy yearning for the next camping trip or visit to his grandparents farm.

Where most subjects in school were a challenge, art and creativity came naturally for Jesse. It was a constant source of escape and validation. After a casual attempt at a BFA in painting and drawing, Jesse dropped out to pursue graphic design.

A family tragedy made it easy for him to sideline any interest in fine art. Nearly a decade would pass before a strong push from his wife would rekindle his love of painting and a serious attempt at a career as a Artist.

Jesse’s uncommon education of some formal training and over a decade of commercial art experience shows through in his vibrant interpretation of traditional representative landscapes. His love of the American west and the peace to be found on the edges of civilization are his inspiration.


Despite a suburban upbringing, I have always found emotional sanctuary in wild and rural places. I hope to share even a portion of that peace in my work.

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