Alice Leese

Space Cowboys

Oil on Canvas, 48 x 60″

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“The James Webb Space Telescope was launched in December of 2021 and we are starting to see images further back in the history of the cosmos than ever before. This painting is about the things we cannot see but sense are there in our universe. The cowboys are still there doing their jobs as caretakers of the land, urbanites may not see them except in movies and photographs, but they are there just like deep space.” – Alice Leese

This is a quote about Space Cowboys from Daniel Womachel:

“I have experienced a situation like that depicted in your beautiful painting. I was gathering longhorns on a very remote ranch in the Sierra Viejo Mts., in Presidio Co. I was alone an looking for cattle and smuggler tracks near a small stream, and I didn’t want to get ambushed. I was riding an 1882 style saddle and had a model 1886 Winchester rifle across the saddle in front of me. All of a sudden a B-1-B bomber went over my head at treetop level. In all aspects I was in 1886, looking to avoid hostile Indians and gather wild cattle near that stream. However, over my head and intruding into my consciousness was the 21st century. It was a very memorable incident.”

Total dimensions: 48 x 60 x 1.5″
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Alice Leese

Alice Leese

Alice Leese’s landscape paintings vividly capture the essence of ranch life in West Texas, featuring cows, cowboys, windmills, wildlife, and the people who call it home. Her award-winning work, showcased in museums and national exhibitions, blends historical accuracy with dynamic compositions, bringing movement and life to her subjects. Living and working on the YT Ranch, Leese’s art reflects her deep connection to the land, telling stories of conservation and adaptability, and preserving the legacy of the American West.

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