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Scott, is a self-taught painter with a lifelong passion for art. Scott creates vivid photorealistic and evocative works that capture the essence of the subjects he enjoys painting. He sees a blank canvas as a beginning to endless possibilities, so he creates in various media and a unique execution of ordinary subjects.
Despite having no formal training in art, Scott has honed his craft through a lifelong journey of experimentation and practice. His dedication to his craft is evident in the incredible detail and realism that he brings to each piece. Whether he is depicting a majestic eagle soaring through the sky or an old piece of farm equipment that shaped our history, Scott’s paintings are infused with a sense of wonder and awe as they draw the viewer in to take a closer look.
Outside of his artistic pursuits, Scott enjoys exploring the great outdoors. He can often be found hiking through forests and mountains, seeking out new sources of inspiration for his paintings. He is also an avid photographer and enjoys capturing the beauty of the natural world through his lens to become the subject of his future work.
We hope that you enjoy this exhibition of Scott’s work and that it inspires you to appreciate the incredible diversity and richness of the world around us.


“ Made You Look” I have been drawing since I was young. Won my first art contest in 3rd grade. I enjoy drawing and painting and just overall being creative, But painting is something that I HAVE to do. I love painting and mixing colors, learning processes, and the challenge. Each painting is a learning experience. I think that when customers are buying my work they are buying a piece of me. I enjoy capturing detail in what I see and presenting that to my viewers in a photorealistic way. I also like developing concepts that I have had in my head.
I started my professional career working in pastel chalk that’s when I noticed that capturing detail was something enjoying. In this stage of my career I mainly work in oil and acrylic and how to use each medium in their own way, learning with each new piece. I like it when people stop to take a longer look.

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