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Sari Shryack is an acrylic painter based in Austin, Texas. Her daily practice and social media following has brought her notoriety and informed her approach to art making and showing work. Sari graduated from Drury University in 2014 with a degree in Fine Arts.


“My acrylic paintings challenge the viewer to consider the elements of color and light both individually and as part of a compositional whole. With this process, my intent is to encourage a recalibration of the intrinsic value of place— how light and color everywhere ignites our ability to consume the world, and how that changes all the time.

“This work draws primarily from my personal experiences and my surroundings— this gallery is a representation of my emotional response to scenes that beg to be consumed, to be seen and heard. Color abstraction is my method of placing myself in the work, an allusion to my past that aligns with the work. My life has been filled with a strong combination of uncertainty and hope, two conflicting sensations that my art attempts to address.”

– Sari Shryack

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