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Patricia Rodriguez is a professional artist based in Dallas, Tx. Her art work has been widely collected and shown most notably at Site: Brooklyn (NYC), The Bedford Gallery (CA), Lemieux Galleries (NOLA), Kirk Hopper Fine Arts (TX), Machon Hamayim Gallery (Tel Aviv), Dallas Museum of Art, African American Museum and NRG Studios (Los Angeles).

Her artistic and design work is featured in hotels, residences and commercial businesses all across the United States.

She contributed on a Guinness World Record project creating the largest mural painting made solely of makeup via Mary Kay and Eyecon Studios (Dallas). Her work has been awarded and published in such publications as Studio Visit Magazine, Paper City and national magazine Latino Leaders and she has been a featured artist for Pantone, Lexus, SXSW, Capital One Bank, House of Blues, Red Bull, Nationstar Mortgage and is currently working on a new body of work for 2020.


Nature is the main inspiration in these works, as I hope to communicate a sense of energy, life and beauty. Reawakening a wonder for the exploration of Nature and your surroundings. Nature as a part of the “human experience” and essential to our survival – not separate from us but very much a part of who we are and internalized. In these pieces I explore the topic of “Health” and growing through challenges, establishing roots and flourishing despite the odds. “Conservation” is also a theme, as I hope the younger generations become the stewards for the wildlife, flora and fauna. Color (and the experimentation with it) creates new and surprising palettes that invoke all manner of natural occurrences.

Sometimes the approach is abstract in nature and other times it is starkly recognizable but in either way it is approached I aim for the viewer to remember to appreciate our natural world.

This particular series deals with the topic of “Health” and how our health is directly tied into the health of our Natural world. At the moment, experiencing a pandemic we see the origins of the microorganism and the microbial and how very tiny and how very disruptive and very much a part of the bigger picture it can be. I had a personal trial with Covid and a hospital stay and all the fears that come with illness of this matter. In a dream the Crocodile appeared and was the inspiration to paint when I returned to health again. Hence named “In the Pink”, a return to health and a tenacious will to survive. The crocodile is a powerful symbol of survival and was a welcome sign while I was hospitalized.

The frogs are also very much an indicator of Natures health, being so fragile and susceptible to changes in the ecosystem. They are one of the first signs of a good or bad environmental situation. In both pieces I have incorporated the natural environments right onto the bodies of the creatures, to show the very infusion of our surroundings into our bodies. Natures health and well being is ours as well.

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