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Nathanael Volckening was raised in Taos, New Mexico in a family of artists and craftspeople. It was there that he developed a deep love and appreciation for the artistic heritage of northern New Mexico. Enamored by the works of Nicolai Fechin, Ernest L. Blumenschein, and other painters of the area, Nathanael followed their example and pursued academic study in the traditions of the old masters. Today, Nathanael lives with his family in Colorado, painting as often as possible in his home studio.


“Using traditional materials and methods, my oil paintings celebrate the interplay of light, form, and shadow. My current work depicts sublime landscapes imbued with figural qualities, creating a humanistic drama worthy of our care and attention. With this work, I hope to reinvigorate our appreciation and sense of interconnectedness with the land.”

– Nathanael Volckening

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