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Mike is an award winning contemporary western artist, working primarily in oils. His subject matter is the American West – the people, the animals, and places. He creates works ranging from 4×4 inches up to 6×8 feet and beyond. He is a studio artist – working from reference photos and some imagination and artistic license. He spends a lot of time researching his subjects and collecting reference photos – and always experimenting with new themes, subjects, techniques.
He is mostly self-taught, and always experimenting with techniques, subject matter, themes and materials.
He has displayed his work in shows throughout the mountain west, and has has work hanging in private collections from border to border and coast to coast.


As an artist, I am always changing, hopefully growing and evolving. I paint the people places and things that make me smile. I often experiment with media, styles and subject matter. Western themes are common in my work.

I find it hard to stay in my lane. I’m not even sure what that lane is. So I try new things and new methods – but always the goal is the same – smiles all around!

I hope to inspire, remind, encourage and bring a smile to those who share my journey.

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