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Megan Wimberley is a contemporary western and wildlife artist based in Yosemite National Park, California. Wimberley takes inspiration from her life with animals and the natural world. Her paintings explore the uniqueness of the animals around us and our often-overlooked connectedness with them. Her paintings are deeply personal reflections or narrative in nature, with animals representing themselves and reflecting our experiences back on us.
Growing up with a variety of animals, especially horses and dogs, has been a major influence on Wimberley’s work. A relational-knowing of these animals influences her perspective, and her own experiences of partnership with animals and their complex emotional lives has lead to a life-long love of and appreciation them. ​​Wimberley also brings her experience in the western/ranch lifestyle to her art, exhibiting the hard work of ranchers and brining awareness to the work women do in these spaces.Wimberley received a BA in Fine arts from Wayland Baptist University and an MA in Art Education from Boston University. After starting her career in 2016 Wimberley took some time away from her art practice when she became increasingly ill. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and finally receiving treatment she spent time focusing on renewed health and life improvements. Thanks to a caring rheumatologist and a holistic approach to her health she is now back to work. Wimberley is also the founder of Cowgirl Artists of America, an organization dedicated to increasing opportunities and representation for female western artists.


My paintings are primarily explorations of the complex emotional lives of animals and our connection to them. I approach my painting intuitively and rarely have a set plan for how a piece will turn out. I begin by emphasizing the colors I see, and then further enhance their affect through varying, subtle and intense, color shifts. Most often I slowly build up my paintings through the use of many thin layers. This technique allows me to create color shifts across and into the surface of the painting. For me, the process of painting is the process of communicating, and as the painting takes shape so too does the story behind the subject.  I use bold, vibrant colors to create a sense of wonder and curiosity about the subject, and to further enhance the meaning of the piece. This process results in paintings that are narrative in nature, and have meaning beyond the physical representation.

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