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Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lizzie Wenger has long been captivated by the colorful, fragile, and unique landscapes of the southwest. After her father’s passing when she was 12, Lizzie began to explore grieving and healing with the outdoors serving as a guide. Climbing, canyoneering, biking, and skiing were some of the activities that empowered her throughout this period, and continue to do so. Now, she also enjoys mountaineering, alpine climbing, and river rafting.

At age 21, Lizzie’s perspective on western landscapes is playful, colorful, and inviting. Her work is intended to inspire connectivity between people and places. Her “psychedelic cubist” style has been developing for many years as she navigates different ways to see the world around her.


In a unique psychedelic cubist style that’s been developing throughout my career, I seek to capture more than just what meets the eye with landscapes; the rhythm, sound, color, shape, and feeling. The southwest is a sacred space which is in constant dire need of environmental protection and stewardship. My hope with my work is to create a sense of connectivity and inspire this stewardship.

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