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After an interesting business career, I have focused on my first love: painting. I studied at the Art Students League of Denver with Kim Mackey, Michelle Torrez, Rob Gratiot and Jill Soukup, as well as with master artists such as Jay Moore, under whose guidance I learned to expand my ability and technique, and challenge my creative boundaries. Currently, I am exploring the introspective aspects of painting with mentor, Ron Hicks, who is pushing me to investigate intricacies within values. And I spend as much time as possible outside, painting en plein air in Colorado and California for the love of discovery.


My work is an exploration of the infatuation I experience when hiking the Rockies or trekking along a foggy, windswept dune – by spending an afternoon wandering through an overcast field or an evening beneath the expansive skies of the West. Through painting I’m striving to share this connection to nature.

I’m restless, but my paintings are calm. The sense of luminosity in my expansive and sometimes tumultuous landscapes is created through layers of oils, glazes, and a variety of textures. Portraying the power of nature has a calming effect, giving me a sense of connection and reverence that draws me to unusual lighting situations. My hope is that my admiration of the environment speaks to fellow travelers who love spending time exploring. People tell me they feel a sense of peacefulness when they’re observing my work, which is a wonderful compliment.

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