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Kirstyn Wright grew up in Paradise, Texas. A one-red-light town about an hour northwest of Fort Worth in Wise County. After primary school, Kirstyn studied art at ACU in Abilene, Texas, earning a BFA in 2012. From there she entered an 8 year career teaching art in various public schools around north and central Texas. Now, Kirstyn and her potter husband run a small art shop on the historic Decatur Town Square where you can buy their art and take art lessons.


Kirstyn Wright grew up roaming the woods that lined the Trinity River near her family’s home. Living in the country and exploring the outdoors informs Kirstyn’s art as she studies the plants and animals that share the same land. As she continues to build a visual vocabulary based on the science and cultural associations surrounding these animals, they often serve as symbolism in her work. Along with the study of native flora and fauna in the region, Kirstyn studies the people that inhabit these spaces. Kirstyn aims to contribute a female perspective to the Western art story and remind viewers that Cowboys and Cowgirls were and are often more diverse and environmentally minded than previously thought.

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