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J.R. Hess is an Arizona based artist working and studying in the Great Southwest. There, he finds inspiration from the wildlife and people that surround him.
J.R. began his young professional career as a cell animator for Disney Studios. He then moved west a short time later to work as a patina artist for Wyland Galleries in Sandy, Oregon. J.R.’s interest in all avenues of art lead him down many diversified roads and experiences that he draws upon for his recent works. After years of experimenting with various multimedia and classical art forms, he personally finds photo representational pencil work to be the most fundamental, expressive, and rewarding of all genres. From plein air sketches to masterful works of art, J.R with his artwork, attempts to bring awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation and environmental preservation. J.R.’s art has been exhibited in various galleries across the country and has been nationally recognized. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and The Art Center of Albuquerque, NM


The three works I have chosen to submit represent species who have many similarities while each facing their own unique struggles. With each animal being a symbol of determination and survivalism, I can’t help but draw a sense of inspiration from these impressive beings. I have always been intrigued by the majestic and resilient nature of wildlife, and in creating these works it allows me to feel that connection to nature that sometimes gets lost in everyday life.
One of the main themes of my artwork is the importance of environmental awareness and education. Throughout the process, I tried to create a piece that could reach the viewer in a way that would have both meaning and purpose. A way that would have them reflect on how insignificant we really are as a species, and how important it is to preserve the beauty of the world we live in.

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