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Growing up in the Great Basin, Gina Teichert’s worldview was framed by the car window. Road tripping was mandatory for the Teichert family – the nearest town was 60 miles away, and Grandma’s was 300. The kitsch of Americana and the glow of neon continued with her as she embarked into adulthood in Las Vegas and later San Francisco. From California to Colorado, she’s constantly in search of dive bars with cheap beer and bad motels with good signs. The nostalgia of her youth in Nevada and simple bright forms of outdoor advertising combine in an art practice that is at once graphic and naive.


“I am The West. Though I wasn’t always capable of seeing it, or willing to accept it with all its flaws. While I was proud of my pioneer heritage and rural upbringing, it wasn’t easy to reconcile my humble beginnings with my urban aspirations. I was working in fashion in my early 20s and was on a job in Italy when it all started to click. The photographer was enamored with my tales of Nevada and Idaho – caught up in Ralph Lauren ad tinted dreams. I found the thing I’d fought so hard to erase, the thing that made me, me, was for the first time in my life, exotic and different in a good way. It took me another 10 years of working in fashion and marketing to realize that the story of the modern West was my story to tell. And while my journey has taken many turns, and my practice many forms, there’s no greater calling than painting your truth.” – Gina Teichert

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