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Erika Victor is a contemporary painter primarily creating landscapes in oils. Having spent most of her life living in rural western Kansas, the influence of the west is strong in her work. Young years spent playing on her grandparent’s Kansas farm, and exploring Colorado and New Mexico, have translated into work that celebrates the desert landscape. Erika Victor is primarily concerned with color and shadow in her work, and uses a mixture of her own travel photographs for reference.

Erika Victor began creating art as a young child and never stopped. She received her BFA, with an emphasis on photography, at Fort Hays State University, but post-school switched to primarily painting. Erika Victor is additionally working as an art teacher in The Bronx, NY.


I recently exchanged the big skies and open spaces of the west with the bustling streets of New York City. And while I’ve always felt the need to paint what is in front of me, I still paint the west. I pour all of my memories and feelings towards the west onto my canvas. Loving two different places and different styles of life is difficult. However, sometimes I find that the towers of New York City cast the same shadows as the rock towers of the desert.

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