Elizabeth C Mordensky

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Artist Elizabeth Mordensky has two main passions in life: art and the outdoors. Ever since she first visited the western United States as a child, she was inspired by the grand landscapes and wild creatures of the west. She has dedicated herself to exploring the breathtaking natural world through long distance backpacking and guiding in Yellowstone National Park, and then sharing her experiences with the world through art. She hopes to transport the viewer to the very scenes she has witnessed through her detailed landscape paintings. Through her art, she hopes to inspire an even greater love and appreciation for our natural world.


This collection was inspired by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Each painting captures a awe inspiring view that can only be reached by hiking into the back country. Not everyone has the ability to reach these places in person, but perhaps through a painting they can get a sense of what it is like to experience these serene settings.

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