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From a small Amish town in rural Ohio to the mountains of Colorado, Doyle Hostetler was immediately enamored with the tall pines and magnificent wildlife of the area. His subject matter has always been about the wildlife and all of its beauty, especially the big cats and hoofed animals of North America. In high school the WILDLIFE WORLD MUSEUM was within a bikes ride to his home, after winning an art competition he received a years membership and spent his free time admiring, studying and sketching at the Museum.

His family moved to Arizona in 1983 where he started his career in Architecture and, eventually, into residential construction. Now after 30 years of commercial work he is concentrating on his own artwork. The illustration, rendering and design has translated well to oil painting. The years of mastering values, composition and drawing have been priceless. “My confidence grows with each canvas completed… fresh with a head full of ideas and a passionate yearning to turn loose my hands.”

His love of the west would magnify after meeting his wife. Spending summers in Colorado, Montana and Idaho, their son was a natural cowboy. The working ranch in Idaho was a favorite destination for the simplicity and raw beauty its remote location embodied. The Pacific Northwest has become like a second home as his brother lives in Astoria and his daughter is in school in Portland.


Success is driven by PASSION, DISCIPLINE, CONFIDENCE, VISION and accelerated with TALENT.

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