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I have had shuttering experiences for as long as I can remember. However, none as great as when I raise my camera to capture an image. Each photograph is a result of something I felt at the time I snapped the shutter.

“The World is My Studio” reflects the scope of my interests. My passion is black and white photography. I find it evocative, emotional, thought inspiring, and soulful. I express myself through my photography. There is a little bit of me in all of my photographs. A poet sums it up perfectly – “The Photographer”:

– An abandoned church that flourishes with a congregation of travelers, “Continuing Solace”
– One crow eyes another flying towards the horizon, “Through a Crow’s Eye”
– Remnants of a building that once housed a family, “Empty Nest”
– A dead tree whose skeletal remains reveal a new beauty of its own, “Nature’s Skeleton”
– A movie house sits empty, waiting for a new purpose, “The Lyric”
– A door offers shelter from a frightening world, “Sanctuary”
. . . just a few.

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