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Chrissy is an Illinois born photographer with a passion for the nostalgia and romance of the American west. She has a degree in Art Education and became a professional photographer in 2018 when she needed sources to paint. Naturally, the cowboy lifestyle spoke to her when she moved to Texas with her family. She resides with her husband and five children in North Texas where they raise and show Texas Longhorns.


Do you remember when you were little and you drove by a horse grazing in a pasture? It filled me with intense joy, knowing that I could someday own one of those magnificent animals. I started photographing horses with the intent of using them as subjects in my paintings, then my excitement for photography grew ten-fold when I met the cowboys and cowgirls who ride and work with these animals every day.

The west is alive and thriving.

Creative imagery is my passion. More specifically, I love capturing the details of the American west. I feel it is so important to capture and share this imagery to communicate the west is still alive and thriving in some parts of the world. I find so much joy when I speak to someone who isn’t aware that cowboys are even real, and I love sharing my passion for the west with others.

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