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Ally Morgan is a contemporary mixed media artist and art teacher working in Rockville, Maryland. In 2010 she received her BFA in painting from Salisbury University and she received her MFA in drawing and painting from Arizona State University in 2014. She currently teaches in higher education and as well as with the Yellow Barn Studio in Glen Echo, Maryland.


The natural world and humanity’s relationship with it have long been the fundamental driving force in my work. The image of the animal is both primordial and uncanny, evoking the deep-seated familiarity between us. I find the context of the natural world profoundly engaging, especially as a way to grapple, on a personal level, with how I relate to the world around me and how I understand myself.Fundamentally my paintings reconcile my reverence of nature with humanity’s inner self. My paintings explore the animal as a being, a metaphor, an allegory and as a symbol – often representing something personal to me. The image of the animal is relevant to us as a way of expressing the human condition. Where animality and humanity are intertwined lies one of the most ancient of dialogues of our collective history.

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