Artist Workshops

Smartphone Video for Artists

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Cam Houser, Western Gallery board member and Entrepreneurship Professor

Cam Houser is a creative entrepreneurship and new media expert, and serves as an advisor on the Western Gallery board of directors. At a recent meeting, we realized that one of the the workshops he’s been running for his normal entrepreneurship students—how to easily make and share quality videos—would be perfect for artists, too, especially since I’ve been asking artists in WG’s group shows to create short video clips of their work to get closer to that in-person experience over the web.

Cam has agreed to hold a workshop for artists. Not a webinar, but a true smartphone video workshop, where you’ll leave with a video you can use and share easily.

The workshop is part technology, part on-camera coaching and part content strategy that will get you up and running with a crucial skill for this new video era. I hope to see you there!