The Colour and The Shape

Luke Anderson and Taylor Crisp are two of of the West's finest emerging artists. Hitting a confidently capable stride, both artists are producing consistently excellent and novel work, showing throughout the West at prestigious galleries and institutions, winning awards and placing work in important collections.

There's a lot that Anderson and Crisp have in common—not only are they on the younger side of exhibiting artists, but they're focused on the West as a theme and they share a number of major influences such as Maynard Dixon, Georgia O'Keeffe and members of the Taos Society of Artists.

These artists' styles push the popular Western modernist aesthetic beyond an echo or homage into something wholly original within the contemporary realm. Their unique voices and willingness to engage in a candid dialog about Western subjects, makes their work all the more compelling.

Western Gallery is honored to present these two debut bodies of work from fine artists Taylor Crisp and Luke Anderson.

Luke Anderson

Salt Lake City, UT View All Works

Luke Anderson paints to rediscover and understand the West, where he was born, raised and now works. His award-winning work is built on themes of human perception, the boundaries and possibilities of human senses, and how memory—both individual and collective—shapes cultural understandings of place.

Taylor Crisp

Pasadena, CA View All Works

Taylor Crisp presents a contemporary vision of the West that draws on the past while reframing aspects that have been glossed over by popular culture. Heavily influenced by Maynard Dixon and other early 20th century painters of the West, Crisp has evolved her style into a unique and contemporary voice.

Taylor Crisp – Into Thin Air

Check out Crisp's inspiration and process for Into Thin Air.

Luke Anderson – Continuum

Watch Anderson paint Continuum from start to finish.

The Artists' Take

Anderson and Crisp discuss their careers, preparing for this exhibition and more.

Also available on the Horizons podcast.

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