Johnny DeFeo

Johnny DeFeo is an artist living and working just outside of Taos, New Mexico. He shows us around his studio and we talk about some of his works, art career development, Adventure Painting and inspiration in the form of animal avatars.

We had a bit of a connection issue, but it seems to have mellowed out part way into our conversation. If you can’t take the echo, fast forward a bit until it drops out.


Investing in Art

Q: Does art always appreciate? Do you use that as a factor when purchasing original paintings? Or is my personal appreciation enough and bollocks to the cost? How does one begin? – E

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Art dealer Brandon Brown on Horizons by Western Gallery

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown is an art dealer at LewAllen galleries in Santa Fe. We met last summer on Canyon Road and I thought he’d be a great podcast guest to share a gallerist’s perspective.

In this episode, we discuss the role of art galleries, working with artists and collectors, and answer listeners’ questions, most notably, “How do I get to show my work in a gallery?

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