In Rainbows

A celebration of the rainbow in fine art

March 26 – April 27, 2021

Inspired by the visual magic of a full-spectrum rainbow palette, the rapid metamorphosis of the art world into new consumption and business models, and a cultural moment to celebrate both inclusion and brighter days ahead, In Rainbows is an online celebration of the rainbow in fine art.

I have a personal love of nature’s full-spectrum palette, and recent experiences with naturally occurring rainbows influenced me to seek out rainbow-themed artworks even more than usual. I had an “aha” moment when I realized this would be a perfect show for spring.

This theme marks a changing dynamic in the art industry, not unlike what happened with the music industry a decade or so ago. In fact, this show takes its name from the landmark record by Radiohead, In Rainbows, which was the first major rock album to be released digitally with a Pay-What-You-Want pricing model and was a major turning point. Physical CDs became phased-out in favor of digital distribution, and power started shifting from the major record labels to the musicians. It’s a clear parallel to what’s happening now in the art world.

This exhibition is mirroring that to some degree with truly Pay-What-You-Want posters and an option to pay more than the minimum for individual works. Maybe you think an artist’s work is underpriced—here’s your chance to buy the piece at the price you think it should be.

Finally, the rainbow really seems to encapsulate the cultural moment we’re experiencing. Efforts to increase color harmony in humanity and equality for all are on the minds of many and are frequently represented by rainbows. And perhaps the most famous rainbow of all, Noah’s rainbow, seems like a parallel as we come out of a very difficult period in our nation and the world.

Please enjoy the show.

– George Irwin, Curator

Featuring work by



Lucile Wedeking

Winner: Nathanael VolkeningSeparation
Runner-up: Scout Dunbar – Sonoran Rain

Winner: Ann Newman
Runners-Up: Lucile Wedeking, Nathanael Volkening and Christy Stallop

Taylor CrispVertigo

Sirena LaBurnDouble Rainbow