Taos Arts Council in collaboration with Western Gallery
announces the virtual exhibit and sale,

Taos Today

November 13, 2020 thru January 5, 2021
featuring artists of Taos County, New Mexico

TAOS, NEW MEXICO, November 2020 — The Taos Arts Council in conjunction with Western Gallery announces the virtual exhibit and sale, TAOS TODAY, opening November 13, 2020 through January 5, 2021.  The curated exhibit will feature more than 100 works by over 50 artists working today in Taos County, New Mexico, comprised of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, fiber arts and more.

“Our mission at Taos Arts Council is to promote awareness and appreciation of the creative arts of this region. Because of the negative impact the pandemic has had on tourism dollars coming into our community, we wanted to find a way to take our artists out into the world!  We are very pleased to have found George Irwin and Western Gallery who has provided an avenue to promote the working artists of Taos,“ said Sonya Davis, President of Taos Arts Council.

Western Gallery curates distinct perspectives of the American West, from abstract to photorealistic and classic to contemporary. What began as a simple Instagram account has evolved into a sophisticated, 100% online art gallery with a full program of exhibitions.

“To be able to bring the wonderful and varied artworks of Taos—one of the most famous art colonies in America—to the rest of the world is a dream opportunity,” said George Irwin, founder and director of Western Gallery. “The modernist works of the Taos Society of Artists were a big part of my inspiration to start the gallery, and I love connecting the dots between that group, the influence of pueblo artisans, the wider contemporary art world and the stellar work being made in Taos today.”

The Taos Arts Council, founded in 2012,  is a non-profit organization working to ensure that Taos County has a vibrant, vital and active arts environment. TAC’s mission is to promote awareness, understanding, appreciation and development of all of the Creative Arts (literary, visual, tactile, musical, performing, etc.) and to play a role as the central hub in support of our Arts and Artists Community.

Participating Artists

Ruchell Alexander, Kari Bell, Katherine Bensusen, Jeff Black, Denny Borski, Claire Brandenburg, Christie Bundy, Steven Bundy, Rupert Chambers, Terry Davis, David Douglas, Sean Flanagan, Peter Gilroy, Sarkis Gorial, Elida Hanson-Finelli, Kathryn Hayden, Stephen Jatho, Lydia Johnston, C.S. Talley, Jeff Cochran, Peggy McGivern, Max Jones, Elizabeth Jose, Jivan Lee, Brian Long, Valerie Graves, Don Brackett, Pj Garoutte, Bob Cooley, Bernadette Pino, Dorothy Lampl, Rob Wilder Nightingale, Joan Norris, Glory Penington, Robert Perez Jr., Cheryl Price, Marise Riddell, Gail Russell, Ed Sandoval, Suzanne Schleck, David Sockrider, Jane Starks, Robbie Steinbach, Josh Tafoya, J. Matthew Thomas, Terry Thompson, Peggy Trigg, Tracy Turner Sheppard, Stephen Vaughn, David Vedoe, Leolyn Wood, Jinx Wright

Participating Galleries

Jones Walker of Taos, Wilder Nightengale Fine Art

Select Works

Josh Tafoya // Wanted
Cotton Weaving, 57.5 x 15.5″

David Douglas // Shadow and Substance
B&W Photograph, 13 x 18″

Tracy Turner // Peeking Through Chamisa
Gouache on Board, 14 x 16″

Peter Gilroy // Pietersite Bolo Tie
Damascus Stainless Steel, Pietersite, 18k Gold, Diamond, 17 x 3.5″