In Rainbows Press Kit

For Immediate Release
April 7, 2021


‘In Rainbows’ showcases 72 original, beautiful and emotionally-charged works from 38 artists in variations on a rainbow theme.

DALLAS, TEXAS – Apr. 7, 2021Western Gallery, a wholly online art gallery curating distinct perspectives of the American West, abstract to photorealistic and classic to contemporary, is excited to announce its new show, “In Rainbows,” open now and running through Tuesday, Apr. 27. A closing event will be held on Sunday, Apr. 24 on Instagram Live at 5 p.m.

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Conceived and curated by gallery owner and director George Irwin, In Rainbows brings together 72 works from 38 artists in variations of the rainbow theme.

The show is, of course, colorful. But the wide variety of work in the exhibition is perhaps a bit more surprising. While squarely within Western Gallery’s wheelhouse of “classic to contemporary and abstract to photorealistic,” Irwin is stretching the gallery’s repertoire to include more 3D mediums including fine jewelry, textiles and functional ceramics.

With much of the work made specifically for the show and a smattering of sales on opening day, Irwin is onto a winning formula.

“All I do is recruit wonderful artists. They make the incredible work. This exhibit—like all WG shows—is nothing without their participation,” Irwin says. “I’m all about supporting the artists’ creative instincts. This industry is following in the footsteps of the transformation that’s taken place in the music and film industries, where creators have all the autonomy to bring whatever they want to the public. I’m just here to help make the connections easier.”

In a nod to that industry transformation, In Rainbows takes its title from the 2007 Radiohead album of the same name, whose digital release marked the end of record stores as we knew them. Irwin is even offering a show poster priced with the same “pay-what-you-want” model as the record release.

But the theme isn’t all about gloom and doom for traditional art galleries. “The primary inspiration is my love for natural rainbows. And it’s such an apropos moment for a rainbow themed exhibit. So much of our national dialogue is focused on inclusion and equality, and as we come out of this particularly dark chapter in modern society, I think of Noah’s rainbow signaling the storm is over,” Irwin says.

With as many reasons to celebrate the rainbow in fine art as Western Gallery has found, and as many different perspectives on display in In Rainbows as the artists delivered, it won’t be hard to find your rainbow connection.

In Rainbows runs through Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at

Participating Artists

Aaron Garlick, Alexandra Dawn Taggart, Amanda Bergman, Angela Chvarak Jung, Angela Pieper, Ann Newman, B. Shawn Cox, Brad DeFrees, Chanel Kreuzer, Christy Stallop, Debbie Carroll, Elizabeth Dryden, Eunice Bossman-Okai, Fawn Atencio, Frank Gonzalez, Gina Teichert, Jason Stella, Jessica Day, Johnny Defeo, Josh Tafoya, Kari Bell, Kerri Menchaca, Lucile Wedeking, Luke Anderson, Marise Riddell, Nathanael A. Volckening, Noelle Phares, Peter W. Gilroy, Sarah Tepler Drobnitch, Sari Shryack, Scout Dunbar, Sirena LaBurn, Tamara Hastie, Taylor Crisp, Tina Milisavljevich, Venera Mor, and Whitney Gardner

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