Win My Soul is in the Sky – a Katelyn Betsill Original

Katelyn Betsill

My Soul is in the Sky

Oil on belgian linen canvas, 6″ x 6″ x 7/8″

A gentle afternoon raincloud is illuminated by the last rays of golden light.

From Betsill’s sold-out Big Bend Minis collection

“When I began putting this series together, my intention was only to cover the different regions of the park and create variety through differing locations and well-known landmarks. I thought that by capturing the different landscapes of the park, I might do this place justice. However, as I started expanding this collection and adding pieces, my intent started to evolve.

“I started to think about what it is that draws me to this place. There’s an unspoken force you can only feel when you’ve witnessed the passing of time in this place: it’s all about the fleeting moments.

“Moments like: dark blue cloud shadows that shift and scatter across the burnt sienna hills; sunlight illuminating the tops of Sotols; the last rays of the sun departing and leaving behind a void of blue and purple light in it’s wake.

“These are the moments that bewitched me.” – Katelyn Betsill

*Artist retains all rights to artwork for reproduction