Jordan K Walker

Double Arch Study

Oil on Panel, 11 x 14″


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More about Double Arch Study

The interwoven arch formations in the Windows section of Arches National Park are truly incredible – especially in the low light of early morning! The Estrada sandstone on display was deposited as soft marine sediment during the Jurassic nearly 200 million years ago, compressed over eons of further deposits, gradually exposed by the action of tectonic plates, and worn away by wind, water, and ice into the graceful forms we see today. These rocks tell a remarkable story, and – geologically speaking – will only be around for a short time more before before eroding into a new layer of dust to be incorporated into something new. I feel privileged to be able to stand beneath them and listen.

Total dimensions: 15 x 18 x 1″

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Jordan K Walker

Jordan K Walker

Jordan K. Walker is an oil painter that creates vivid and timeless scenes of the American West. He channels his passion for natural history while immersed in the landscape, and hones in on dynamic subjects that display the ancient ecosystems and geological diversity of this remarkable region.

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