Vanessa Compton

The Scout

2-D Mixed Media on Canvas, 10 x 10″


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More about The Scout

I’ve always loved the crepuscular and view that space as a kind of border town between day and night. For this piece and The Unbreakable Chain I was thinking about Frederic Remington’s nocturnes of the early 20th century. Informed by his experience in war and loss, I am drawn to the light in these pieces, the firelight, candlelight and moonlight. With my own work I love the challenge of collaging a world of night.

Created in September 2021 while on artist residency in northern Wyoming.

Total Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 1.5″


Vanessa Compton

Vanessa Compton

Sourced images of cowboys, cacti, craggy rock formations and other iterations of the western visual vernacular feature heavily in Vanessa Compton’s collages. The past, present, and future are meant to exist simultaneously and her work abounds with kinetic, kaleidoscopic and provocative imagery.

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