Robert Quimby

Top Hand

Robert Quimby
26 x 24″ | Framed


Robert Quimby  //  @robertquimbyart

Robert Quimby is native Nebraskan currently residing and working from his studio outside of Franktown, Colorado. Quimby graduated with a Fine Art degree and Behavioral Science degree from Midland Lutheran College in Fremont, Nebraska. He has spent the majority of the past 25 years working in the corporate as Creative Director for several Denver companies and pursuing his art interests part-time. In 2018, he made the decision to leave the corporate world and focus on his art full time.  Robert works in realistic style drawing and painting the Western lifestyle. His admiration and respect for his subject matter is apparent in the finely rendered subjects he creates – capturing a tmoment in time or a look soon not forgotten. Robert gathers subject material of the people, animals and surroundings from his childhood in Nebraska and his time  in Colorado.

Having grown up around cattle and ranching, Robert continues to have a fascination with the West. “I have a romance with the West. The reality is different, but I still have the romance. There is no more universal icon than the American cowboy.”

“I try to portray my subjects in a natural way that showcases their beauty. My horses and cattle might look a little rough, as do many of my cowboys. I don’t glamorize my subjects. My drawings and paintings are created because of a fascination for my subject matter. I create what I believe is pleasing to the viewer.
” – Robert Quimby