Chanel Kreuzer

Texas Wild Flowers

Chanel Kreuzer
5 x 7″ | Framed


Chanel Kreuzer  //  @chanelkreuzer_officialart

Chanel Kreuzer’s travels inspire her to create colorful bold brush work to capture a story from a moment in time. Kreuzer works in all mediums, primarily taking an intuitive approach with oils and acrylics. She has a real love for the outdoors, which is translated in her landscape and floral compositions, capturing a sense of emotion and beauty. Kreuzer began painting at the age of five, and is influenced by her love for the impressionists, pop art, and neo expressionism. She is primarily self-educated but has trained at Atelier Dojo and the Austin Fine Arts Academy.

Chanel’s exposure to her mother’s Mexican heritage living in Texas and memories of her grandmother’s garden helped develop her appreciation of color and florals. These influences culminated in her work being displayed at the University of Texas Mexican American Cultural Center in 2017.

“There’s so much beauty around us in nature, I hope to always capture that in my work. The world may feel like it is on pause, but the earth will continue to live on with or with out us. I sit and stare at the flowers, and the trees while they dance around us everyday. I’m thankful to be in its presence as I try to capture the beauty of the landscape in a painting.” – Chanel Kreuzer

Chanel Kreuzer

Drawing inspiration from mother nature, Matisse, Van Gogh, and David Hockney, Chanel Kreuzer paints vibrant, inviting landscapes in a unique, expressive style.

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