Bill Irwin

Rio Grande Reflection

Bill Irwin
Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 48″ | Gallery Wrap


Bill Irwin  //  @bill_irwin_art

Bill Irwin is a later life artist whose work is informed by a lifetime enjoying and working in nature. It is also strongly influenced by a long marriage with artist Jane Irwin who lives her art daily. Raised with a passion for the outdoors, his initial vocation was geology, where he spent a career in nature, teasing out its treasures, drawing maps and photographing images which identified and illustrated various natural subjects at their best. For the past 20+ years, he has painted for relaxation and pleasure, while along with Jane, raising three kids—all of whom have artistic vocations today. He has participated in art landscape shows in both the US and Spain. His studio is currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“It’s obvious from my paintings that I love natural surroundings! I work to evoke a calmness and an excitement of pleasure in the viewer.

“I like to work in series of paintings which illustrate and evoke specific moods in the viewer. The paintings here are from my “Mood Landscape Series.” I love to work large—as illustrated by the 48” X 60” Rio Grande Reflections piece—but I’m comfortable with, and believe that the smaller paintings can have a great impact as well. It is my fervent hope that you enjoy these “mood landscapes” as much as I enjoyed creating them!” – Bill Irwin